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Vidmate apk is popular HD video, movies, and music converter and downloader multimedia platform and a great video player.

App Name Vidmate APK
Version Latest Version
File Size 23.1 MB
Requirement 4.4+
Total Downloads 100,0000+
Features Free Video Downloads
Last update 3 hours ago
Security Verified
  • CMSecurityCM Security
  • CMSecurityLookout
  • CMSecurityMcAfee

Vidmate is an all-in-one video entertainment app that is 100% free and safe to use. This Vidmate APK file is free from security threats because it scans viruses using multi-antivirus software. Vidmate download for your devices to enjoy video entertainment without any risks of malware and other threats.

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About Vidmate APK

Vidmate is a free video downloader that lets you download videos from various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, TikTok, Tubemate, and others. Additionally, Vidmate apk allows you to download videos from thousands of popular websites. Moreover, you can download audio directly from videos using this vidmate app. Some advanced features including Batch video downloading, Fast Speed download, and HD quality make it the perfect downloading app. Stream video content like Live TV shows or cricket matches, TV series, Movies, HD videos, and music for free on your Android device with the vidmate download app.

Vidmate apk which is the world's most popular video and music downloader and media player. Using vidmate app we can download unlimited videos and music without watermarks and watch offline anytime whenever we want to watch. Vidmate offers multiple video and audio formats such as MP3, MP4, WebM, and M4A as well as in different quality 360p, 720p, 1080p, 2k, and 4k. Other video downloading app lets users download and watch videos but this vidmate download offers to watch TV shows and live cricket matches using built-in media player feature.

Whatsapp delete status after one day but if you see the funny or informational status of your contact and you want to download then don't worry because vidmate apk latest version allows you to download and save WhatsApp status that you like. This vidmate app not only downloads videos in High Quality but also converts Videos into MP3 music format with its feature. Users of vidmate enjoy and play downloaded videos in offline mode without an internet connection. Whenever you click on the download button the download process starts but you can any time pause or resume by clicking on a button. Vid mate apk is up to date app and we provide the latest version of this app which has new features for our users.

Most users want to create a personal music list and vidmate apk facilitates to download music from various social media platforms and creating your own mp3 songs list on your mobile. Vidmate resolved the problem of high-resolution image or video download because many platforms don't let you download images and videos in high quality so you can use this app instead of others. Vidmate app apk download which allows you to download high-resolution videos on your mobile at high speed without spending a single penny. One of the useful feature of vidmate download is once you click on the download button you do not need to wait until the completion of the download process and you can use other apps while downloading your files in the background.

How to Use Vidmate?

Vidmate apk download and opens where the search bar will appear top of the screen on your mobile device. Enter the video title or Paste the video URL into the search bar to find your wish video. After getting the video click on it to open the video page. On the video page, you can find the download button. Press the download button to initiate the download process but before clicking on the button you have to select the video format and quality.

After completion of the download process, you can visit the Vidmate download app "Download" section to manage your downloads. Here you can see your completed media downloads as well as ongoing downloads. You can take action such as Stop, start, or end media downloads. With built-in media player of vidmate mod apk lets you open videos on the app after the completion of the download.

Features of Vidmate APK Download Latest Version App

Support Multiple Sites

Vidmate app allows you to find out your favorite videos, songs, and other media from various social media platforms directly on Vidmate without opening other sites or platforms. After that download it on your Android phone as you wish without paying a single penny. Because it is completely free to use and you can search online and download it. Feel free to discover and download your favorite videos from different platforms easily.

Save Status & Image

Vidmate keeps saving video status and images on your Android device permanently so If you are worried about WhatsApp status being deleted after one day then don't worry. Whenever you see funny status you can download it on your Android device through Vidmate mod apk. On the vidmate apk home page, you get a collection of different types of images with a photo channel so you can easily find your images and download them into high quality. This feature lets you save video status or images before deleted.

Convert Video to MP3

Vidmate apk download which is a suitable MP3 converter for people who want to listen to songs on streaming apps. With vidmate, you can download a number of songs and albums and save them in HD quality in MP3 format which saves your time in switching different platforms for searching and downloading MP3s. High-speed download with unlimited audio resources of the vidmate app, and it's one of the best choices for a music player for your Android smartphone. Create a personal song list by saving videos into MP3.

Nicely Download Experience

Download videos, images, and music into high quality using Vidmate download apk. Select various quality options for video downloading including 720p, 1080p HD, 2K, 4K, and 8K. Vidmate apk latest version has a high download speed compared to its older version. Experience fast download speed by updating or downloading the latest version app. Efficiently and quickly download high-quality videos, images, and music.

Different Media Resources

In vidmate the top of the page option available menu of category. Various media channels are available such as Movies, Images, music, Status, and many more. Also, you can watch a live cricket match or live media content with the Vidmate app. Recommended section and in-app-subscribe option which lets you show content based on your interest. Watch and download different media resources for free online.

Free Download

Vidmate apk download where you do not have to spend a single penny for an app subscription and its advanced features. On this app, users can download everything for free without any costs. There are no limitations or restrictions to get your media content.

In-Built Browser

Vidmate has an in-built browser or search engine that lets you search and download media content within this app. This feature finds out content from various social media platforms and allows you to download it without leaving the app.

Simultaneously Multiple Downloads

Customize download settings in this vidmate video downloading app. In download settings you get various options download speed, download location, choose file quality. You can download multiple files simultaneously without having a problem. This customizable option is for individual preferences and device capacity.

Get Regular Updates

This app is updated from time to time to improve its performance and add new features for better user experience. User's safety and security remain with the updated app.

Download Items from Background

Internet allows you to download videos, songs, and images by opening specific applications but vidmate allows you to download media content in the app background. So whenever you search for media then this app provides media content by searching on various platforms and lets you download the option to download it without opening other applications. This kind of feature of vidmate apk attracts a larger community of people who looking for media content.

Download Stop and Resume

There are many social media apps where once users click on the download button they do not pause it. But with vidmate download, you can pause and resume your video and song download. It's an advanced feature where users can pause their download at any point before downloading if they want by just clicking on the pause button. Pause and resume is a useful feature of vidmate.

Watch TV Serials

Many apps allow users to download TV serials online but not an option to watch online. Vidmate APK has an outstanding feature where you can watch your favorite TV serial shows online. Enjoy all TV shows online with the vidmate app.

Watch Movies & Foreign Shows

Watch national movies or TV shows as well as international ones such as Japanese, Korean, and many more. In Vidmate you can have such kind of features in a single app. Watch foreign dramas and TV shows online using this app.

Safe & Secure

Vidmate apk download on your mobile which is completely safe and secure for downloading online videos and music. Many apps are available on the internet but not all are safe which leaks your important data so you can use a trusted vidmate app instead of others.

YouTube Videos Download

Vidmate app download apk allows you to download YouTube videos with Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms video. Download YouTube videos quickly in a matter of time with the vidmate apk.

Select Quality

An exciting feature of vidmate is quality selection where you have an option to choose quality for your video between 140p to 4K. File size is also mentioned so you can download media according to your storage space.

Watch Live TV

This apk supports 200+ TV channel content so whenever you want to watch Live TV content you can use vidmate apk app. Content is frequently updated so you get fresh content every time. Watch live cricket matches, TV shows, movies, etc. for free.

Multi-Language Supported

Around 18 languages are supported including English, Hindi, Bengali, Japanese, Punjabi, Kannada, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, etc. so you can watch and download media content in your native language for fun and entertainment.

Straightforward Interface

Vidmate apk has a user-friendly interface that makes navigation easy for its users. And you can find the media content you wish easily. App has search functionality and recommendations to discover videos, movies, and music as per your interests.

No Ads

Enjoy an Ad-free user experience with vidmate app. So you can search, download, and watch media content without getting single ads which ruins your experience with the app. It's a seamless experience for users. All ads are restricted in the vidmate mod apk app.

Why Should You Use Vidmate APK?

Vidmate apk turns your android device into comprehensive entertainment where you can enjoy unlimited music and videos in different languages at free cost. No matter which entertainment you want like TV shows, movies, web series, Live cricket matches, Sports & games, fashion shows, etc. you get it easily on vidmate apk download latest version app. Even if you are at work or traveling this app allows you to watch video content right from your mobile devices.

Vidmate apk download because this kind of entertainment site entertains you 24/7 and you can delve best entertainment experience with this app. This app has high functionalities because of the modern technology used in vidmate that makes your work simple. With modern technology, you get the latest content in superior quality that lets you enjoy next-level entertainment.

Vidmate apk latest version app has a feature to dedicate specific pages of your favorite artist so you can enhance performance, songs, and videos in a single click. With GIF thumbnails you can easily preview and find the videos that you wish by adding them to the home page of the vidmate download app. As a user, you can easily operate this app with its user-friendly interface to maximize your entertainment.

Without spending money you can vidmate download it on your mobile. The download and installation process is complete within a couple of minutes then you can enjoy media content as per your preference. Minimum time and effort put into this app to get the best entertainment source.

How to Install Vidmate App Download APK on Android?

Step 1: Unknown Resources Enable

First, you have to enable unknown resources to install third-party apps on your device. Follow this simple steps to enable unknown resources:

Step 2: Vidmate APK Download

To install Vidmate you have to download vidmate app from a trusted source. Download vidmate with simple steps:

Step 3: Install Vidmate App

After the vidmate app apk download, install it on your device.

Step 4: Vid Mate App Launch

Vimdate apk successfully installed on your device. Now launch the app to get fun and entertainment. Follow the below steps:

Step 5: Customize Vidmate Settings

Wide range of customization settings on vid mate apk such as file download location, video quality, notifications, and many others you can change as per your preferences.

FAQs of Vidmate Download App


Is vidmate app available on Google Play Store?

Vidmate download app is not listed on Google Play Store. You can download vidmate apk from third-party platform that is 100& safe and secure.


How to install vidmate download file from Chrome on your Android?

Vidmate is a third-party app which not on the Play Store so you receive an installation block notification. You have to open settings to enable unknown resources to install the third-party app vidmate.


Can I use vid mate apk on PC and iOS?

No, currently vidmate download is not available for PC and iOS devices. But if you want to use this app on a computer then install Bluestack and connect with an app to use it easily on computer devices.


It is possible to download videos for offline play?

Yes, Vidmate apk download which offers download videos for offlineplay. With this feature, you can enjoy your favorite media content without an internet connection.


Can I use vidmate safely?

Yes, the vidmate app gives priority to user information safety. Protect download history and personal information from leaks so this vidmate apk download latest version completely safe to use.


Does vidmate have restrictions on downloads and streaming?

No, vidmate allows unlimited downloads without any restriction so you get as much content as you want. MOrever app allows streaming live content without any limits or restrictions.


Is vidmate available for all platforms?

Vidmate app download apk available for all Android and Windows devices which makes it accessible to a large number of audiences.


It is possible to download videos with vidmate?

Yes, With the vidmate app you can download videos easily by following simple steps:

  • Open vidmate apk home page
  • Select a video and click on them
  • Download button appears once you select the video
  • Click on the download button and enjoy it

Why can't download vidmate for Play Store?

Due to some privacy issues app is not available on the Play Store but you can download it from the given link.


Do we have to pay money to download and use vidmate app?

No, Vidmate app apk download for free without paying a single penny on your Android devices as well as access its premium features for free.


It is possible to change video quality while media downloading?

Yes, you have the option to select quality or change quality while media downloading starts with Vidmate.


Can I download multiple videos at once?

Yes, vidmate app allows you to download multiple videos up to 10 videos simultaneously. If you have quick internet speed you get video quickly.


How to update vidmate download apk new version?

If you want to update the vidmate apk to the latest version then visit this site again and click on the latest version download link to get the updated app. Whenever a new update is released you get a notification to update your app.


Vidmate is the world's most popular multimedia platform that you use to watch and download movies, videos, music, etc. With this vidmate apk you can access multiple streaming sites such as Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and many more without paying a single penny. Vidmate apk download which supports various file formats like MP3, MP4, M4A, WebM, 360p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, and 4K. Download videos in high resolution using the vidmate app. Unlock different video content such as Dramas, TV shows, Movies, and Web Series with the vidmate download apk.

This application is completely different from other multimedia apps where you can listen to music, and watch dramas and videos for free in high quality. Vidmate ensures user information safety where your personal information is never leaked because of an advanced technology that protects your information and devices from malware and other viruses. The User-friendly interface of the vidmate app download apk simplifies the media download process. After downloading videos, you can watch them offline.